Twin Tower Wine Rack

Twin Tower Wine Racks 

Custom Wine Racks
Our Wine Racks are 100% Australian made . Manufactured using 32mm square galvanized steel tube. Using  5mm galvanized mesh on a 100mm grid for Standard bottles and 150 mm for Magnum bottles. 

Are shown adjacent to each wine rack image above. Distance from wall to front frame of the rack installed, sits approximately 260 mm from the wall. When loaded, the bottle tops will generally be 300 – 350 mm from the back wall. This includes clearance between the wall and base of bottle. 

Custom Size
Like a custom size rack? e.g. 19 high x 9 wide – 2000 mm x 970 mm. Talk to us, we are happy to help. For a complete listing of custom sizes, click here. 

Powder Coated Wine Rack Finish 
While Galvanized finishes are attractive and favored by many. Our customers regularly select a powder coated finish. Particularly favored when racks are on show in your living room, against a backdrop of sandstone, polished wood or installed inside cabinets. Satin Black is standard, with options available, [price quoted on application].

Bottle Sizes
Our designs accommodate normal bottles and champagne bottles up to 94mm dia. Our Magnum Racks allow for up to 145 mm in dia. Combination Racks accommodating both sizes within the same frame are available, click here to view.

Our racks consist of 2 steel frames with mesh welded within, 4 frame joiners and 2 wall brackets. They are supplied with all necessary hardware and comprehensive installation instructions. The frames are bolted together (10 bolts) and fixed to your floor and wall. The racks have holes enabling them to be bolted together side by side. Racks can also be supplied with joiners allowing them to be located "back to back". We have a YouTube video to show you how. - please click here to view it.